Humism, time is art

For all the art lovers, I have got the watch for you !

Inspired by Kinetic Art, Humism has created 3 models that will not let you down. Vibrant in the 1950s. Kinetic artists broke from traditional static art, and created art that produced beauty through movement. Humism is revisiting in its turn this artistic movement through a popular object, accessible to everyone.

Bored with generic minimalism, they break a watch down to its fundamentals — the movement of time. They say “we use time to do art, and use art to recapture time.”

– Click to enlarge pictures –

Minimalist, fine and elegant, those watches have a lot to say, not only time… Instead of a keeper of routine, they turn time into spellbinding art, revealing the beauty of the flowing present. The 3 designs are the final evolutions of a year of work and more than a thousand design drafts.

They are hand-made assembled and use beautiful and robust materials : Italian vegetable leather, sapphire crystal, brushed 316L surgical steel. They also are water resistant and come with 3 different bracelets.

Based in Singapore, Humism is an independent watch design studio that re-imagines time. Their inaugural Kinetic Art collection is currently LIVE on Kickstarter.  (Feb 28 to Mar 30, 12.30pm EST). You can participate/donate, and receive your watch in priority ! The success is already proven as they smashed their goal in just a couple of days.

Deliveries are expected in July 2018 and you don’t want to miss it. These watches will probably be collector in a couple of years.

On top of their passion and creativity, Humism is also design studio with a social heart — they donate 5% of their sales to charity. 


Least but not last, the 3 models are automatic movement. Each watch is powered by the Japanese Seiko NH35A movement.

Unlike quartz watches which are powered by batteries, automatic watches are powered by human motion. The arm’s movement propels the hundreds of gears and springs precisely assembled in the watch mechanism — a feat of engineering artistry, and a refreshing change from the electronic circuitry we have gotten so used to.


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