Your face will bloom…

It has been a long time that I wanted to write an article on this trend. And then, I thought it is too late, the trend has passed already… But you know what, why not still sharing beautiful things, creations and inspirations ? Even if if they are considered as “last season”, “has been” or “too old”.

Beauty does not have an age 🙂 and beauty stays beautiful whatever season or era.

As spring is invading all North hemisphere, I am sure this eco-friendly, biodegradable, natural and very pretty make up will find a bunch of fans and risk takers ( because yes, you have to dare a little bit…)

Move on ugly glitter and welcome little flowers !


click to enlarge images

Other make up artists or influencers are simply drawing flowers on their faces or using temporary tattoos… An alternative option that will help you to be frilly all day long (or more).

click to enlarge images

Trendy or not trendy, flowers on face is definitively not something new. I have discovered amazing pictures of tribes and people that have decorated their bodies with flower decorations for decades and generations… These are traditions to embellish people and 2018 it girls understood it too ! Please enjoy, these stunning human beings.

click to enlarge images

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